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From: mike loggerman
Subject: The preteen lolita ls land Fellowship of Chubs pt 26After dinner, Keith said we were going for a walk around campus, and I
should wear loose clothing. I changed into cargo shorts and a loose tee
shirt, and no underwear. Halfway across campus, we came to the
groundskeepers office. He knocked on the door and they opened it. We
walked inside and two of the groundskeepers were sitting there in their
sweaty uniforms. I had seen them around campus before, but never thought of
messing around with them. One of them looked to be in his late 20s, a
little hairy, and in good shape. The other one was late 30s big boned, and
muscular with a shaved head. He looked like the guy on the Mr Clean
bottle. His best feature was the huge bulge in his crotch. He came over to
me and slid his rough hands up my shirt. I took my shirt off and let him
play with my chest. He loved that my chest was smooth. I could feel his
bulge as he leaned against me.I looked over at Keith, who was already naked, The stud he was with was
down to his briefs and Keith was groping his hard cock through them. As Mr
Clean sucked my tits, he slid my shorts down and had his arm between my legs
fingering my ass. He said he loved my ass. I watched as Keith's stud
stood in front of him while Keith was on his knees sucking his cock. I had
to admit, this was pretty hot. Mr. Clean was pretty hairy, and had a
thick nine inch cock that was throbbing. I got on my knees and both guys
watched as I made the whole thing disappear in my mouth and throat. He ran
his fingers through my hair as I sucked his cock and inhaled his sweaty
crotch scent. I ran my fingers all over his hairy body. I watched as Keith
bent over and his stud slid his thick dripping cock into his ass. I almost
shot a load just watching them. I bent over a desk, and Mr Clean rubbed
his wet cock up and down my crack while he got a jar of Vaseline and
fingered my ass with it before lubing his big cock. He found my hole and
slid deep inside me. He was glad there wasn't much resistance. I moaned
as I felt his hairy body against me each time he thrust deeper in me. He
fucked me harder and faster as he saw I was enjoying it. He kept pinching
my nipples as he fucked me. I shot my load on the floor without touching
myself. As my ass contracted while i was cumming, Mr Clean emptied his
balls into me. Keith's stud unloaded in him a short time later. They had
us eat the cum out of each other, then kiss. They told us we needed to
leave, so we got dressed and left. As we were going out the door, they told
us to come by anytime we needed their cocks.On the way home, Keith told me his stud had been fucking him for the past
few days. He said they said they weren't gay, they just liked to fuck. We
smelled of their sweat and hopped in the showers as soon as we got back. I
told Keith it was hot, but I would still rather be with him than with those
guys. I told him he was hotter than them. When we got back to our room, I
slowly ate Keith's hairy blond ass. After a while, Keith asked me how and
when I started eating ass and getting fucked. I smiled and said I had a
good teacher. Since I had taken Keith's cherry, He wanted to know who took
mine.I told him I was always interested in guys, growing up without a dad, and
that I was a really chubby kid even then. I had a single gym teacher who
lived in our apartment complex, He was very hairy, and very skinny, with a
very big basket. I jerked off thinking of him all the time. One day my
mom got sick, and was taken to the hospital, My teacher had me come stay
with him. I was really shy around other guys at school, and around him
too. He walked around his apartment in gym shorts, no shirt. I coudlnt
help but stare at his body. I was too shy to get undressed around him or
anyone else, because guys always made fun of me for being chubby. He talked
to me about it, saying it was ok, I wouldnt make fun of him, but I was still
uncomfortable with taking off my free russian loli galleries clothes. He told me some people thought
chubby bodies were sexy. I couldn't believe it. He asked if I had ever
checked out another guy's body. I said no, and he said if it would make me
more comfortable around him, he would let me check his out. When I said ok,
he slid off his gym shorts, and he stood naked in front of me. His cock was
big and hairy and soft. He said I could feel him anywhere I wanted. I felt
his hairy thighs and ass. THen I started feeling his big lolitas index models nude balls and stroked
his cock. He moaned and said I had really nice hands. He spread his legs
wider and I felt between his legs. He told me to check out his ass. I felt
his hairy cheeks and parted them. He told me to slide a finger in his ass.
I did like he told me and he squeezed my finger with his ass. His cock was
a thick 8 inch monster. He had precum forming on the tip and I felt it. He
said precum tastes good and I should taste it. I licked it off the tip and
liked it. The more I licked, the more came out. I licked around the head
and took it in my mouth. He told me how good it felt, and asked if he could
feel my body. I was so excited, I let him take off my shirt. He ran his
hands around my chest and stomach. He started playing with my tits and
sucked them. I never had anyone do naked lolita top list that, and when he did, it felt like
electricity going from my tits to my cock. He slid my shorts and breifs
off, exposing my small cock. I was embarrassed but he said my cock was
beautiful, and he sucked my cock while he fingered my ass. It felt so good
I almost passed out. I got worried what people would think, and told him,
but he said what we did in his apartment was just between us and no one
else. We lay back in his bed, and I licked his hairy pits while he kept
fingering my ass. I loved his hairy body.He said we lolita bbs topp 100 could do whatever eachother wants, to make eachother feel good.
I told him I liked what he was doing to my ass. He fingered me more, with
two fingers and then three. He had me suck on his balls. The musky smell
really excited me. He had me lick from his lil lolas com nn
balls to his ass, and i loved
it. He was really hairy down there. He asked me to lick his hole. I
parted his hairy cheeks and naked lolita top list
saw his hole was clean, so I licked his pucker.
He moaned so loud, I just wanted to make him feel good so I kept licking and
started sliding my tongue in his ass. His hairy ass sweet little lolitas girls
was such a turn on for
me, I coudlnt stop. He had me get on my back and he put his hard cock
against my hole. It got really slippery with his precum, and he grinded his
hairy body against me. It felt so good. He asked me if he could fuck me.
He promised not to hurt me. I wanted to please him and said it would be
ok. He started sucking and biting my nipples. While he did, my hole
relaxed and he slowly slid his cock into me. He held it just inside my hole
and slowly worked it into me until he was in balls deep. I moaned as he big
cock passed over my prostate. He fucked me with long slow strokes. I
wrapped my legs around him and held him tightly as my ass loosened up and he
fucked me passionately. He tongue kiseed me as he thrust his big cock in me
faster and harder. He told me how hot I was, and how much he loved fucking
me. My cock was throbbing. I broke out in a sweat and my ass started
spasming. I felt his cock throbbing against my hole, and then I felt his
warm cum filling my ass.After he shot his load, he pulled out of me, and asked if I was ok. I was
shaking but said I was great. Then he got on top of me, and lowered his ass
on my small cock. It felt so good in his warm tight ass. He moved up and
down on my cock, squeezing his ass around my cock. It didn't take long for
me to shoot my load up his ass. WHen he was done, he got off me and said
he loved me fucking him, and asked me to eat my cum out of him. I loved
eating his ass. When I was done, he ate his cum out of my ass. Having sex
with him gave me a lot of confidence, and made me feel sexy. Even when my
mom got better, and came home, I had sex with my teacher all the time. He
let me eat his ass, and he fucked me constantly. We did it until I went to
college.Keith was stroking his cock as I told him nude lolita preteens pics
my story. I asked him to fuck me
and he got between my legs and slid his cock into me. I reached around and
played with his hairy ass as his cock slid in and out of me. He banged my
ass hard as he kissed me passionately. He shot his load in me and lay next
to me as we fell asleep.
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